Mr Ryan MacKintosh, Acting Principal Teacher of Guidance

Highland School Ski Trip

The Highland Schools Ski Trip to Europe has been running since 1975. It is a joint venture of several Highland Schools, with a combined party of approximately one hundred pupils. The trip is open to S2 and S3 pupils.

The ski trip is often first time many children take a holiday without family members and is therefore a great way for pupils to gain independence and confidence.

Alpine resorts provide excellent snow conditions and favorable weather; this combined with morning and afternoon tuition, creates a perfect environment for both beginners and experienced skiers.

Taking part in the trip enables pupils to develop many skills including:

  • Develop mobility, balance, fitness, coordination
  • Citizenship/ Team Building
  • Responsibility towards group – time-keeping, supporting others etc
  • Experience sharing rooms and ski tuition groups
  • Enjoy off-piste activities
  • Engage with teachers in a different setting
  • Practice foreign language with native speakers.
  • Practice reading and extend vocabulary. Responsibility for self – time-keeping, personal hygiene, behaviour
  • Exposure to unfamiliar food, music, local customs and architecture
  • Develop sense of awe and wonder
  • Manage own finances and budget calculate exchange rates
  • Develop ideas and collect data for the classroom, for example: school diary, ski trip facebook page, photo album, art projects

Video footage of the 2013 Highland Schools’ Trip to Les Menuires in France can be found HERE.