Science Club

Mrs Pam Hamilton, Science Technician

Our Science Club is on weekly in Science. It’s a chance for younger pupils to explore science in a fun and engaging way outwith the class time. Science Club is hugely popular and well attended. Our Science Technician, Pam Hamilton, runs the club but she is assisted each year by an able group of S6 helpers. You don’t need to be a prefect or even a scientist, just enthusiasm and a delight in engaging younger pupils in something really interesting. Helpers in the past have either been science pupils or keen to work in a career helping young people.

12 Days of Demos (Christmas 2014)

In the run up to Christmas, our Science Club members have had great fun watching and participating in some great demonstrations courtesy of our science technician Mrs Pam Hamilton and her team of Science Prefects. Watch the video for a little flavour of some of the demos.



This short film below shows some of the activities that Science Club members have been up to recently.

Be warned, it all started with a murder……