Mrs Pam Carmichael, Principal Teacher of English

Charleston Debating Club aims to offer a positive environment where pupils can improve their speaking, listening and critical thinking skills by discussing relevant and engaging political, social, and cultural topics, and gain an increased awareness of important issues. The club aims to offer a fun and comfortable environment for student voices to be heard.

Debating and public speaking equips pupils for a world in which the winners are not necessarily those with the right arguments but those who are most persuasive.

Participation in debate allows pupils to socialise and build friendships with teammates while collaborating and sharing ideas. Team members learn the basics of debate and public speaking through regular team practices and tournament competition.

Charleston has a successful record in The North of Scotland Debating, The Big Green Challenge and The Inverness Music Festival Prose Speaking Competition.

Charleston Debating Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday in Room B2 at 1:00pm. All welcome.

Big Green Challenge

Charleston Academy first took part in the Big Green Challenge in 2011. We won the Grand Final that year and were hailed as top renewable energy experts. Our team of Freya Lundberg, Emma Foster and Freya Boa took first place prize of a trip to the Navarre Region of Spain to learn more about renewable energy and see examples of wind and solar developments. They were accompanied by their debating coach, English teacher Mrs Kay Storey.

We were runners up in 2012. In 2013 Charleston Academy won again as the trio of Jemimah Morris (2L2), Katie Stark (2K2), and Morven Carmichael (1S2) confidently proceeded all the way to the Grand Final at the Scottish Parliament on Friday 7 June. Team mate Kieran Watts (2K2) unfortunately could not make the trip.

Footage of the debates is available HERE.