Mobile Phones

The school policy on mobile phones is very clear. It is published in the Pupil Planner, and it is explained to all pupils at assemblies at least once per session. Increasingly mobile phones are used for cyber-bullying often out with school but with repercussions within school. Like all bullying, cyber-bullying is dealt with seriously.

Parental Letter

We rely on our ability to work closely with parents on this matter and Police Scotland and Highland Council have published a letter of guidance for all parents and carers. Please download a copy of the letter HERE.

School Policy

Charleston Academy encourages pupils to use their mobile phones in a responsible and respectful way. This means:

  • It is acceptable to have a mobile or smart-phone in school.
  • Mobiles must not be used in class (unless authorised by the teacher) in corridors, or between units.
  • It is acceptable to use mobile phones outside at interval and at lunchtime.
  • It is also acceptable to use mobiles inside the canteen, the hall and the foyer provided this is done discreetly.
  • Taking photographs or videos of other pupils or staff is always unacceptable; unless it is related to schoolwork and you have permission from your teacher.
  • Portable music players (iPods, etc) can be used discreetly only at interval and lunchtimes. They can be used in class only with permission from your teacher.
  • Earphones and cables must be put away and remain out of sight at all other times unless you have permission from your teacher.
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