Substance Misuse

At Charleston Academy we take a zero tolerance approach to all illegal drugs. This includes possession or use of age-restricted alcohol or tobacco by any pupil as well as all illegal substances defined in Scottish or UK law. In all situations where there is suspicion or evidence of possession or use of illegal drugs both the police and parents will be informed.
Our Policy and Actions taken as a result of a Substance Misuse incident at the local shops have been praised by the Police, local Councillors, Politicians and the local press. Our honest, transparent and pragmatic approach in dealing with incidents of this nature won praise. It is important that we also work cooperatively with parents and the community when we deal with these types of incidents, which sadly, are too common amongst young people.

Substance Misuse Toolkit 2015

Highland Council have launched a new online resource. The Substance Misuse Toolkit has sections for Professionals, Young People and Parents/Carers. This is a developing resource.


In line with Highland Council’s recommendation, Charleston Academy endorses the Scottish Government Guidelines for the Management of Incidents of Drugs Misuse in Schools.

This National advice is further enhanced by the Highland Council Health Education Policy and Drugs Education Guidelines which are also endorsed by the school.


Staff (or pupils) should immediately report all incidents of Drug Misuse or of suspected Drugs misuse to a member of the Senior Management Team. Such incidents may include:

  • drug-related litter on or near our premises
  • suspicion and allegations about in-school and out of school activities
  • pupils displaying symptoms of drug misuse
  • pupils/adults with drugs on school premises or activities

The School will ensure that:

  • drugs-related incidents are recorded in the schools management information system (Pearson e1) and at the same time that the police and parents are informed of suspicions or evidence whether related to possession or actual use.
  • appropriate action is taken as required and that parties concerned are kept informed as necessary of all actions taken thereafter.
  • the Area Education Manager is informed.
  • newly appointed staff are made aware of the arrangements for handling incidents of Drug Misuse and that all staff are regularly updated on any changes to policy and guidelines.
  • parents are made aware of the school’s policy on handling incidents of Drugs Misuse.

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