The school Behaviour Management system is designed to support young people in their learning. A key condition for learning to take place is a safe and ordered environment. When a pupil disrupts a class they are interfering with their own learning and the learning of the class. Disruptive behaviour has a negative impact on the class. The teacher has a right to teach and children have the right to learn. Staff at all levels will assist pupils to understand what appropriate behaviour is.

All staff at Charleston Academy promote the schools’ values at every available opportunity, by example and directly where appropriate, and are encouraged to lead by example in promoting good behaviour and cooperation with the school expectations.

Our Expectations for Positive Behaviour

The school expectations for positive behaviour are displayed in every classroom and other locations in school. They are also contained in the Pupil Planner which all pupils receive at the start of each session. Our behaviour expectations are aligned to our school values which are introduced at assemblies at the start of each session and subsequently covered in more detail during Tutor Time:

The Behaviour System

If a pupil fails to meet our behaviour expectations then they will be dealt with in accordance with school procedures. A hierarchy of sanctions and responsibilities (below) is available to staff. All staff can issue Social Area Warnings.

The school is obliged by law and Scottish Government guidelines (GIRFEC) to support pupils whose behaviour is related to factors deemed beyond their own control. Support can be offered by the Guidance team and Support for Learning staff. Some staff have been trained as mentors and this is another approach to keep pupils on track and support their needs.

Pupils who break our Positive Behaviour Expectations will have this recorded in our Pupil database and this information will be shared with parents during subsequent discussions or meetings.