Attendance and Absence

Family Holidays

Authorisation to take pupils out of school for family holidays during term-time will not be granted unless there are very exceptional circumstances. Whatever the circumstances for term time absence, a letter must be written to the Rector requesting permission in all cases. Head of Education Mr Jim Steven has written this letter to clarify some misunderstandings about this issue.

A high level of attendance is absolutely vital in ensuring that pupils make the most of the opportunities provided at Charleston Academy and achieve their full potential. Parental Holidays taken during term time will be recorded as “unauthorised” unless their are special or exceptional circumstances. However, pupils participating in sports or cultural events involving a planned or known absence from school will be given permission to attend and the absence is recorded as “authorised”. A letter of explanation is required in all circumstances.


Good time-keeping is essential and pupils are legally required to attend formal timetabled classes for 27½ hours each week. This includes Tutor Time. Pupils must be in their class for the beginning of Tutor Time. Lateness to class is disruptive to fellow pupils, teachers, and other staff and is unacceptable. Lateness at the beginning of the school day (i.e. after 8:50am) is formally recorded as an “Unacceptable Late” while late arrival to class during the day is monitored. Pupils arriving after 9:00am must sign in at the school office where they will also be issued with a late-slip. Pupils arriving late with an adequate note of explanation or due to the late arrival of school buses will have their lateness recorded as “Acceptable Lateness”.

Unexpected Absence

If your child is going to be absent unexpectedly (e.g. illness or doctor’s appointment) please telephone the school first thing in the morning of the first day of absence. It is helpful at this time if the duration of the absence is also given.

If a pupil is absent for three consecutive days without explanation, Guidance staff will make contact with the parent or carer in order to seek clarification and ensure our records are updated accordingly.

When a pupil returns to school from absence, regardless of any previous contact, they must always bring a parental note explaining the reason for absence. This must be handed to the child’s Tutor Teacher during Registration on their first morning back. This note must be signed, dated and cover all days when the child was absent.


Regular appointments with Doctors or Dentists must be made out with school time. Should this not be possible pupils should bring an appointment letter or a note from their parent / carer the day before and hand it in to the school office or to their Tutor. A permission slip will then be issued to the pupil allowing them to be released from class.

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