Charleston Academy has a number of staff who are designated as First Aid Officers. These include teachers, technicians, office staff and our stewards. However, all accidents, wherever they occur must be notified to the office immediately. Office staff will then assign the most appropriate First Aider to deal with the situation.

The following procedure should be followed in the event of an accident:

To a Pupil

The pupil should be brought (not sent) to the school office and the accident details given to the office staff. If necessary the pupil’s home will be contacted and the parent/guardian asked to take the pupil to the doctor for checking. Where the matter is more serious the pupil will be taken to Raigmore Hospital Casualty department and parent/guardian informed.

To a Member of Staff

The same procedure should be followed as above.

Accident Report

All accidents must be reported to the Rector and the details entered on the Authority’s “Accident Report Form”. Accordingly, the person reporting the accident should, as soon as possible after the accident compile the report as accurately as possible.

This applies to all accidents which happen during the normal school day, or outwith normal school hours if the person injured is on school premises, involved in school duties or other activities.

Non-accidental Injury to Children

Where a member of staff suspects that a child has suffered injury, abuse or serious neglect, or appears to be at risk, he/she should immediately inform one of the Pupil Support (Guidnace) staff. For further information please see the school’s Child Protection Policy.

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