S4 to S6

The Course Choice Booklet for pupils in S3, S4, or S5 entering the Senior Phase S4-S6 during 2018 is available to download HERE.

S4 – Beginning the Senior Qualifications Phase

In line with Highland Council policy, all pupils entering S4 will study a maximum of six subjects during the first year of the qualifications phase of our Curriculum. The level of qualification taken will be determined by previous attainment. Pupils can and will begin to cover the work for these six subjects during S3. For this reason we strongly encourage pupils to continue six of the subjects they choose in S3. At present, pupils can take qualifications at National 4 or National 5. Some may take qualifications at National 3 or below.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority is currently (January 2017) reviewing assessment arrangements for Qualifications at National 4, National 5 and Higher. They have already announced that Unit based assessments at National 5 will be removed for all pupils taking these courses in 2017-18. Subsequently they will be removed from Higher in 2018/19 and Advanced Higher in 2019/20. This will coincide to changes to the format of the final exam or other course assessments.

Please see the Qualifications section for extensive information about the new qualifications. We will update this as and when SQA decisions are final.

S5 and S6

All S5 pupils must study five subjects, across each of the five column choices available. Qualifications taken in S5/6 will be allocated six units per week. The remaining units will consist of Personal Development and Wellbeing (2). This allows all senior pupils to receive regular contact with a member of the guidance team or other staff to track and monitor progress, advise on study skills, as well as providing mentoring and coaching as required. A number of opt-in choices are also available including Citizenship and PE.

In S6, students will continue to develop and extend their range of qualifications. S6 Students must study a minimum of three subjects. Subjects at Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5 will continue to be available. Additionally, options for courses at Inverness College UHI, the Scholar Programme (through Heriot Watt University) and Open University Courses are also available. We also offer the Scottish Baccalaureate in Science with the Social Sciences and Languages Baccalaureate also available to those pupils qualified to take it.

Download our Course Choice Information booklet below. Courses that we may be able to offer in partnership with the University of the Highlands and Islands can be viewed on their Prospectus.