Pupil Voice

youthparliamentlogoAcknowledging and taking account of the views and opinions, suggestions and misgivings of all of our pupils is essential in promoting a positive ethos and to fully embed our Values.

Because we want pupils to realise their full potential in every aspect of school life we stress the importance of a purposeful, working atmosphere, where pupils can feel safe and secure, we must work in partnership with parents and the wider community. This is done through the Parent Council. We have many informal partnerships with groups of pupils across all aspects of school life, but the formal bit is done through the Pupil Council and its associated Year Group Committees.

Highland Youth Voice

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Charleston Academy fully supports Highland Youth Voice, the youth parliament for the Highlands. This is an elected body of up to 100 members. 70 represent schools and up to 30 represent local Youth Forums. At Charleston Academy, we presently nominate our members of the Highland Youth Voice from our Pupil Council members. However, it is possible to have direct elections for our HYV representatives and when this is done, the HYV members will then automatically be granted membership of the Pupil Council if they are not also already members of that.

Youth Development Officers

We have two Youth Development Officers post based at Charleston Academy.

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