Parent Council

Charleston Academy has an active and supportive Parent Council. The Parental Involvement Act (2007) specified the arrangements for parental representation in all Scottish Schools. The official role of Parent Councils is to:

  • support the school in its work with pupils
  • represent the views of parents
  • encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, and the wider community
  • report directly to all parents (the Parent Forum)
  • have a responsible role in the appointment of headteachers and depute headteachers
  • support the school and pupils during school inspections

The Charleston Academy Parent Council is a member of the National Parent Forum of Scotland. Members of our Pupil Council attend Parent Council Meetings and vice-versa, and a teacher representative from Charleston Academy attends all of our Parent Council meetings.

Any member of the Charleston Academy Parent Council can be contacted about whole school issues at any time. They will either raise the matter, in confidence, at the next meeting or, if the issue is urgent, will contact the Chair and / or Rector.

Please note that the Parent Council is a collective body representing all parents and carers of all pupils at Charleston Academy. Matters concerning or affecting individual pupils or small groups of pupils are not discussed at Parent Council.

If you wish to raise any matter with the parent council, please feel free to email the Chair directly.

Alternatively, please contact the school who will then put you in touch with the appropriate member:

  • Chair: Kate Morris
  • Vice Chair: Fiona Alexander
  • Treasurer: Urszula Kozak
  • Clerk: Maureen Gallie


The Parent Council Constitution has been drawn up by the Parent Council themselves, based on guidance from the Scottish Government and the Highland Council. It is a legally binding document. This latest version, amended in June 2013, was ratified by the Parent Forum at their annual meeting in September 2013.


Education Scotland, the Scottish Government and Highland Council publish online or as PDF, a number of useful resources relating to Parental Involvement:

Parental Involvement Act
Parental Involvement Act (2006)















National Parent Forum
Parent Zone