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New Logo Feb 13 - No Background

An early pictogram of King Brude

Our Logo depicts the last Pictish King of Scotland. King Brude reigned from 554AD to 584AD, from an iron-age fort at the top of Craig Phadrig. The Pictish Kingdom covered an area extending from Orkney to the Firth of Forth.

Around 565 AD, the Irish priest and revered Christian missionary, Columba, who had been converting much of Scotland to Christianity, made his way up the Great Glen to Craig Phadrig, near Inverness. On the way, a battle took place between King Brude’s Picts and the Scots whose allegiance was to Columba. The Picts were defeated. King Brude, who had initially received Columba with suspicion, converted to Christianity and increasingly viewed Columba with deference, honor and respect.

The logo depicts King Brude turning away from battle. His sword is held down, but he hasn’t been defeated. His life, and the destiny of the Picts has changed direction. They have converted to Christianity.

A 19th century depiction of King Brude’s conversion by St Columba

The logo links Charleston Academy clearly to the geography of its surrounding area of West Inverness, at the top of the Great Glen and to nearby Craig Phadrig behind the school. Our Values were established through work undertaken at Columba1400, an organisation that seeks to transform lives through change and the discovery of inner greatness – just as Saint Columba did centuries ago. As an all and non denomination school the logo does not depict Christianity specifically. However, our Core Values of Respect and Responsibility are implicit in the imagery.

The most recent adaptation of the logo, introduced in 2012, includes the initials ‘CA’. As well as the initials for the school, ‘CA’ also represents our awards, Charleston Achievements, and Commendation Awards.

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