Our Values and Logo


At Charleston Academy our core values are Respect Others, Work Hard and Challenge Ourselves.

Our Vision is for committed, enthusiastic, experienced staff to embed our values in the daily life, policies and practices of our school.

We encourage responsibility and respect in our young people, challenge them to be motivated, to work successfully and to attain well, while enjoying everything their school can offer them.

Our Logo depicts the last Pictish King of Scotland. King Brude (below) reigned from 554AD to 584AD, from an iron-age fort at the top of Craig Phadrig. The Pictish Kingdom covered an area extending from Orkney to the Firth of Forth.

Around 565 AD, the Irish priest and revered Christian missionary, Columba, who had been converting much of Scotland to Christianity, made his way up the Great Glen to Craig Phadrig, near Inverness. On the way, a battle took place between King Brude’s Picts and the Scots whose allegiance was to Columba. The Picts were defeated. King Brude, who had initially received Columba with suspicion, converted to Christianity and increasingly viewed Columba with deference, honor and respect.






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