Mrs Helen Hunter, Depute Rector

Mrs Helen Hunter joined the Senior Management Team at Charleston Academy in 2012, prior to which she was Faculty Head of Scientific Studies at Inverness High School. Originally from Port Glasgow, Mrs Hunter studied Chemistry at the University of the West of Scotland. Mrs Hunter began her teaching career in 1989 at Mid-Yell Junior High School in Shetland where she was teacher of Chemistry and Science. She became Principal Teacher of Guidance at Sandwick Junior High School in Shetland in 1995. Mrs Hunter became Principal Teacher of Science at Inverness High School in 2002. and then Faculty Head of Scientific Studies and Home Econmics in 2003. As Faculty Head at Inverness High School, Mrs Hunter was Regent to Student Teachers, led the induction arrangements for Newly Qualified Teachers and was a mentor for pupils and staff.

Mrs Hunter is Year Head for S2 and S5 and is House Leader for Kishorn. Her remit includes overall responsibility for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. This includes overseeing Reporting arrangements and Parents’ Meetings as well as mentoring. Mrs Hunter is the schools’ SQA Coordinator, oversees our Graduation and Awards Ceremonies and is responsible for Health and Well-Being across the school.