Wood Family Trust Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an active citizenship programme that raises awareness amongst young people about philanthropy and their local community. Originating in Canada, YPI is now an international programme and is being delivered in 110 secondary schools across Scotland. To date YPI has engaged over 230,000 young people around the world, providing them with the essential skills and confidence to grant over £7million to hundreds of local charities. The programme was launched in Toronto by The Toskan Casale Foundation and is principally funded and managed in Scotland by the Wood Family Trust.

The aims of the initiative are:

  • To engage a full year group of participating students through a curricular based programme.
  • To develop the next generation of responsible citizens and effective contributors.
  • To develop the skills and confidence of young people through a real life, hands on experience of philanthropy.
  • To raise awareness of social service issues and the work of local charities, and channel funds to them effectively.

YPI 2014

At Charleston Academy the YPI is being delivered as part of our Core RMPS curriculum for S3 pupils.

In this first year of YPI at Charleston judging took place on Tuesday 16 December in front of all S3 pupils. The finalists faced a panel of eight judges. The winners were HUG (Highland Users Group) and winner of the £3000 awards from the Wood Family Trust. SiMBA won second prize of £150 and Cantbaybridge College won 3rd prize of £100. 2nd and 3rd prizes were donated by Charleston Academy Parent Council.

Morvern Carmichael (3S2) and, Riosin MacDougall (3S2) members of the winning team said:

“HUG is a charity which works to improve the care and facilities for Mental Health Patients in the Highlands and Islands. We have learned so much over the past few months because of the YPI programme. We believe mental health is an issue that should be addressed more openly, both in school and in the wider community. HUG battle to prevent stigma against mental health issues which affect one in four of the population, both young and old. HUG seeks to educate and inform people about mental health and how it affects people.”

We are excited to be one of the schools across Scotland to be participating in YPI and hope that you agree this is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to take part in this exciting initiative.

More information can be found in the YPI brochure and details about the specific curriculum link each session will be provided by the school to parents of pupils in S3.

Youth and Philanthropy Leaflet
Youth and Philanthropy Leaflet