Parent / Carer letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are now in the middle of a very busy term in the school year. We conclude in December with a busy week of Assemblies, Christmas dinner, and two pupil dances.

We return in January to Prelims for S4-6. 

Christmas Bazaar:

The Charleston Community Complex is holding the annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 7th December 11am – 2.30pm.  The school is holding a Tombola at that event to raise funds for the School Fund – the money raised is for extras such as trips and clubs, and can only be used for things that the budget from the Council does not cover.  If you would like to donate something for this Tombola, please can you (or your child) drop them off in the school office.

Facebook – communication:

Following discussion at Parent Council the school is now using Facebook to further improve communication with home.

Please “like” our page to receive our news feed.

Closures information:

Information regarding winter weather closures is available at the link below:


We have made the following additions to our staff in the school:

Stewart Ferns joins us in PE.

Ryan Mackintosh has been appointed as Faculty Head for PE, Art and Music.

Marion Campbell has been appointed as teacher of English; Lily Scanlan has moved to Dingwall Academy.

Anne Lesh has been appointed as an Administrative Assistant in the school office.

Attendance reminder:

If a pupil has an appointment during school hours the school should be notified the day prior to the event. This can be done by telephoning the school office, e-mailing the school at [email protected], or in writing to their registration teacher. A permission slip will be given to the pupil at registration on the day of the event to allow them to leave the school. If returning to school on the same day, the pupil should report to the school office with the permission slip which will be signed by a member of the office staff before the pupil returns to their timetabled class.

Please remind your child that if they are late for school they should sign in at the school office when they arrive.  If they are a bus pupil and the bus is late they still need to sign in so that we can amend their record accordingly. If the bus either did not turn up, or was too late and your child has returned home please contact the school office to let us know. We can then note that they are absent due to a transport failure.

Any planned absence from school should be notified to the school in writing at least 48 hours prior to the absence date(s).

The school should be notified of any unplanned absences from school by 9.30am on the first day of the absence. This should be done by telephoning the schools pupil absence line on 01463 251065 prior to 8.30am, phoning the school office on 01463 234324, or emailing the school at [email protected].

Text messages will be sent to the main contact when a pupil is marked as absent at registration but we have not received any communication from home. If you receive such a message, please contact the school as soon as possible with a reason for the absence. This should be done either by phoning the school office on 01463 234324 or emailing the school at [email protected].

Should you have any specific concerns about your child’s attendance please contact their Guidance teacher.

The term ends on Friday 20th December.  We re-open on Monday 6th January 2020.

Thank you for your continuing support of the school.

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Stewart

Head Teacher

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