Charleston Remembers WW1


On Wednesday 14th November, staff and pupils from Charleston Academy put on a performance to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1. The performance, an adaptation of The McCalmans “Far Far from Ypres” told the story of WW1, some of the men who fought and the school trips that have followed these men over the last 10 years. The commemoration used the words, songs and poetry from the time as well as reflections of people looking back at events. It was brought to life by four narrators, three soldiers, a piper, a drummer and a choir. The production skills of the lighting and sound crew turned a school hall into a trench on the front line. The final display of poppies blowing across the hall provided an emotional impact for many.

Our thanks go to SCOTKILT who generously provided the kilts for our Belgium trip at a reduced rate and who sponsored the production. To the Highlanders Museum at Fort George who provided authentic costumes and weapons. To all staff who gave up their time and used their talents to help the production, with particular mention to retired staff member, Mr Gordon Corrance, for his superb talent in film production and editing.

The pupils were outstanding, and our thanks go to them.

The performance was very well received by all who attended, as this comment from Graham Ross Depute-Provost shows. “It was a really moving, humbling, thought provoking, educational and visually stunning performance. The whole evenings event was truly memorable and really showcased the incredible talent, both students and staff, at Charleston Academy.”


C Bain

PT History and RMPS

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