Design…Engineer…Construct! Eco Classroom workshop S2

On Tuesday 6th February, 65 S2 pupils took part in the Design…Engineer…Construct!® Eco classroom workshop.  This was an introduction to a course that the Technical department are planning to run next year.  Pupils were put into groups of 8 where they were each given a role within a design team.  2 Architects, 2 Landscape architects, a company director, a sustainability officer, a brand designer and a marketing manager formed each team.  They were tasked with researching various aspects of the project then coming together to produce a proposal for their Eco classroom.

On the day we had 3 industry professionals to assist the pupils with design.  Blair Young, an Architectural technician and Simon Munro, a landscape architect from the Edinburgh school of art took small groups of pupils and directed them in research and design for those aspects of the project.  Alison Watson, a former land surveyor led a session in measuring the site to be built on.  The 4 technical prefects help with the survey and provided the teams with the site dimension.

After lunch each team presented their proposal to a panel of Judges including Mr Stewart, Mrs Hunter, Simon, Blair and Rozalind MacLennan, from Horner & Maclennan landscape architects.  Each team was judged on their designs and how well they explained aspects of sustainability and environmental consideration.

After much deliberation, the runners up were “Natures Nation” made up of Lauren Macleod, Emily Bremner-McBride, Annabelle Fraser, Abigaile Roebuck, Deborah Maclean, Molly Bruce (missing from picture), Meg leaver & Finlay Mackenzie

Runners up

The winning team were “Go Green Rangers” made up of Cosima Burns, Drew Pimm, Olivia Blaszczyk, Wiktoria Kowalska, Holly Kirkwood, Olivia Braund, Courtney Brich & Dominik Krogulec (missing from picture).


We would like to thank the professionals who came along and also our 4 Technical Prefects, Zethan Rooks, Jacob Hodgson, Marc Williamson and Dylan Nairn who all helped made the event a success.

More information about the Design…Engineer…Construct!® course can be found here

Mr Richards

Principal Techer of Technical


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