The North of Scotland Schools Senior Debating Competition

The second round of The North of Scotland Schools Senior Debating Competition took place this Wednesday evening, with six teams from across the Highlands arguing whether Robin Hood was right.

The debate featured a broad range of arguments, with a particular focus being socialism, and the role of the media (and Disney in particular) in promoting a certain image of the man himself.

Morvern Carmichael and Samantha Cochrane spoke second for team proposition and delivered another polished performance; they addressed the merits (and limitations) of our current taxation system, and invoked the Grenfell Tower fire as evidence of the need for a modern ‘Robin Hood’.

Ultimately, they were awarded a full six points — and first position — by the judging panel, ensuring they have an excellent opportunity to reach the final at the end of November.

The third round takes place at Charleston Academy on the 2nd of November where Morvern and Samantha will be lead opposition for the motion This house believes our right to a private life is under serious threat from modern technology.

Samantha Cochrane & Morven Carmichael
North of Scotland Schools Senior Debating

Well done once again!

Dr G Campbell

English Department

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