S2 Maths Challenge

International Maths Week takes place in September each year.  To do its little bit in 2017, the Maths Department recently organised a Maths Challenge for all S2 pupils.   Two separate challenges (A and B) were set up on 2 successive Wednesdays, based on a similar format.  In a morning session, mixed teams of four were given problem solving and practical 3D shape building challenges.    In the afternoon sessions, pupils took part in a relay event, where teams had to answer correctly as many ‘quick-fire’ numeracy questions as possible within a set time.   In addition to applying and developing key mathematical skills, the challenges also provided good team working and problem solving practice.    Informal post-event feedback from pupils was really positive and the Department hope to organise similar type events in the future.

Well done to all pupils taking part, but particular congratulations to members of the winning teams: Trixie Bernababe, Courtney Birch, Euan Hamilton and Meg Leaver (challenge A): and Goncalo Corriea, Glen McNeil, Neive Rodden and Drai Senior (challenge B).   Winners all received a magic puzzle cube prize.


Mr D. Cummins

Maths Department

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