Kirking of the Council

On Sunday the 10th of September we were given the opportunity to represent Charleston Academy at the annual Kirking of the council. The Kirking of the Council is a partnership between the congregation of the Old High St Stephen’s Church of Scotland and The Highland Council that enables the Kirk to bless the work of the elected Members and their officials.

We arrived at the Inverness town house at 10am and mingled with the counsellors allowing us to introduce ourselves and meet some of the important people in the area. We then proceeded to parade down to the Old High Church alongside head prefects from other local high schools as well as many other representatives and officials.

At the end of the parade we attended the Service inside the church, then after we made our way back to the town house where we mingled with other counsellors and other officials and we enjoyed a buffet lunch.

Overall the experience was Educational and eye opening as we got to meet lots of new people.

Jacob Hodgson and Grace Bird (Head Prefects)


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