This important letter about Drug Activity has been issued to all young people in Inverness and Nairn secondary schools today. This is a very serious matter and we want our young people to share and discuss the contents with their Parent/Carer at home.

The following points within the letter have been emphasised to all of our young people during registration today.

  • Schools in Inverness and Nairn are working together with the Police to ensure everyone remains safe
  • There has been an increase in information available suggesting a possible or actual increase in drug activity in our community
  • It is important that pupils, parents, school staff and the police work together to prevent young people from coming to harm
  • This is by no means a new issue but evidence suggests that more young people are engaging in risk taking behaviour and at a younger age
  • Young people of all ages have been identified as both using and supplying harmful substances
  • Too many young people now regard this behaviour as “normal” if not for themselves then for others
  • There is evidence that young people in and around Inverness are now accessing a wider range of substances which include cannabis, MDMA, heroin and crack cocaine.

In order to prevent young people coming to significant harm it is vital that any concerns are passed on to the Police via:

  • Calling 101
  • CrimeStoppers on 0800 555111
  • Community Beat Officers or to School Staff.

Everyone must work together to keep our young people safe.

The letter below has been issued to young people in all Inverness Secondary Schools and Nairn Academy.

  • Click / Tap on the letter below to download a PDF version.
  • Visit the Talk to Frank Website HERE for detailed information about Drug Activity or via the link above.


Drug Activity – Letter from HTs & Police


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