Litter Clean Up

We are very aware of the impact a large secondary school can have on its local community. At Charleston Academy we are at the heart of the community in Kinmylies with a community centre attached and shops and businesses right on our doorstep.

We hold daily assemblies and frequently address issues of conduct in the community, particularly at the shops and nearby parks. We have received complaints of litter at Assynt Road play park this week.

Concerned to hear about this four students spent Thursday lunchtime working to remove litter (not all of it from pupils by any means) from the park.

A big thank you to Shana Nicholson (3T2), Rebecca MacKintosh (3K), Ellie Dyce (3T1) and Kyle MacLean (3S1) who worked with Depute Rector Mr Gordon Stewart and the Chair of Muirtown Community Council, Mr Bowie to get the park cleaned up. We are now aware that more bins in the park might help and will discuss this with Muirtown Community Council and local Councillors.


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