Home Economics Demonstrations

On Tuesday 15 November Chef Steve Craik from Quality Meat Scotland visited the Home Economics department to carry out  practical cookery demonstrations.  Pupils were  given an insight into the importance of eating a balanced diet including protein and iron-rich foods such as red meat. They also learnt  about the benefits of cooking and eating fresh natural produce. This was  illustrated by including fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs in each of the two dishes cooked:

Cajun scented pork loin steaks with seasonal stir fried vegetables and chorizo

Pot roast scotch lamb meatballs and carmelised onions, parsnips and curly kale

Control over the use of salt and sugar was  emphasised, and the fun and social aspects of cooking were highlighted. The demonstrations reinforced  the  importance of a healthy balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Chef Steve created an ideal opportunity for our pupils to learn about the versatility, convenience and cost-effectiveness of red meat and its place as part of a healthy balanced diet in a practical, “fun” and interactive way.

Mrs Alison Fraser, Acting Principal Teacher Home Economics

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