BasketBall Success

Under 15 Girls Match

After registration at 9:00am on the 9th of November the Charleston Under 15s girls basketball team set off towards Skye. The team included both 2nd and 3rd years in hope for a win. We planned to play at Portree High School against the ‘Uist Otters.’ The team of 12 as well as Mr Sharkey and Mrs Cameron set off in a joyous manner on our way to the match, as there was plenty of singing involved. A pit stop half way was needed for a quick drink and to stretch our legs. The excitement was building up along with some nerves hoping for a good end result.

Our top scorer was Kira Buchan, though she was also our top fouler, with 3 fouls and 12 baskets. Emily Hunter had 4 baskets and Niamh Purvis and Kayleigh Noble had 2 each.

Emily and Kira stayed on the court for the whole game while the other 11 subbed on and off. Diane Stout, Ellie Maclean and Lexie Leaver for the first 4 minutes. Florrie Malcolm, Niamh Campbell and Georgina Barras for the second 4 minutes. Fiona MacDonald, Charlotte MacWilliam and Kayleigh Noble for the third and finally Isabella Edwards and Niamh Purvis for the last with Kayleigh staying on. This repeated for the second half and for the last few minutes of the game Kayleigh, Florrie and Niamh P staying in with Emily and Kira for the last few minutes.

Coming up to the last few minutes the opposing team were gaining on us as we were in the lead and it was intense for not only the players but to the spectators as well. At the final minute we were defending the basket because if they scored they won but we just managed to pull through. The final score came with a win for Charleston of 40-39, very close indeed. It was with very happy hearts we left Skye and stopped for dinner in Kyle and after that the long journey home.

Big thank you to Mr Sharkey for driving us to Skye and being a very fair referee and to Mrs Cameron for being a great coach.

Lexie Leaver (3T1) and Fiona MacDonald (3S2)

lexie-leaver-3t1 fiona-macdonald-3s2


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