Charleston Academy senior prefects joined the Provost of Inverness at the city’s Armistice Day celebrations earlier today. Head Girl Siobhan Gebicke-Kerr read out Binyon’s Words while Head Boy Liam MacLeod read the Kohima Epitaph both on behalf of the Royal British Legion. They were joined by Head Teacher Chris O’Neill, Depute Head Girl Jemimah Morris and Lead Prefect Rahan Islam who were guests of the Provost along with representatives from all of the Inverness Secondary Schools.

It was a great honour for Charleston Academy students to have been asked to read out the Binyons Words and the Kohima Epitaph at today’s events. Our Lead Prefects will do this again at the Remembrance Sunday events at the War Memorial this weekend.

In school, Armistice was acknowledged at 11am with Two Minutes Silence. This was preceded by a piped lament performed by three of our pipers, Eilidh MacCormack (5L2), Morgan MacIntosh (3L1) and Lewis MacRae (4K1).



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