YPI Speed Dating

S3 RMPS Students all take part in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. This scheme, supported by the Wood Family Trust, sees £3000 donated to the school. Participants must first form teams or groups and then research and investigate the work of local charities. The groups must then prepare a presentation outlingin in detail how £3000 would benefit the charity of their choice and how the money would be spent. They must focus on the impact the £3000 would have on the service the charity provides.

The presentation heats take place between now and December. The final is on Thursday 15 December when external judges will announce the winning charity which will then receive the £3000.

Read more about YPI HERE. This Leaflet also provides more detailed information about the initiative which is now in its third year at Charleston Academy.

Thursday’s Speed Dating event was to allow groups of S3 students a chance to find out as much about the 20 plus participating charities ahead of choosing one for their main presentations.

Thanks to Beth Fraser (6T1) from our Higher Photography class for taking the pictures.

Beth Fraser - 6T1
Beth Fraser – 6T1


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