Guitars Donated

Former pupil Alisdair Nesbitt was one of the first students ever to step foot in Charleston Academy when the school doors originally opened in 1978. Since graduating from Charleston in 1983, Mr Nesbitt has spent many years “dabbling” in music and has accumulated a number of guitar instruments. As much as Mr Nesbitt likes these instruments he contacted us recently to say they are no longer used.

Mr Nesbitt has very generously donated two electric guitars, a semi acoustic guitar, a practise amplifier and fender guitar amplifier to the Music department. He feels that they would be put to better use and encourage the next generation of Jimi Hendrix.

The Music Department would like to thank Mr Nesbitt once again for this extremely kind donation and would gladly except any future donations made to the department by our community.

The instruments will be used in class, practical exams and upcoming concerts where our young musicians can demonstrate their performance skills and dedication.

Many Thanks

Mr Scott Nairn, Acting Principal Teacher of Music

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