University Art Trips & Degree Shows

On Monday and Wednesday of this week the senior Art pupils attended the Degree Shows at Gray’s School of Art and The Glasgow School of Art. We were allowed to move freely around both exhibitions seeing works from a variety of degree courses and students.

Being able to see the entirety of the student’s works allowed us to take a step back and put into perspective how such extravagant collections all started with a single concept and developed thoroughly into the work displayed.

Personally, having seen the reality of Art Schools, many of us returned home immensely inspired by these trips and it has given us that extra determination to reach our own personal goals.






Jodie Keiro-Kirk (6L)


Yet again these two day trips to both Gray’s School of Art and The Glasgow School of Art proved to highly valuable, informative and not to mention inspiring. I continue to be overwhelmed by the genuine excitement, commitment and sheer passion which my students demonstrate during these events and thereafter when reflecting. I would advise every one of them to start this session as they mean to go on; immerse yourselves in creative dialogue, conviction and a strong work ethic.

Finally, can I take this time to thank Mrs Lyndie Cameron and Ms Lyndsey Gray for driving the school mini bus to both locations and to the whole school staff for their constant support to myself, our pupils and the Art & Design department.

Mr Derek Sim (Acting PT Art & Design)

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