Dr David Fowley’s Big Bang Presentation

Dr Fowley returned to Charleston Academy on Friday last week with the Big Bang Strikes Back as part of the 2016 Inverness Science Festival. On Friday 6th of May, he presented an interactive and explosive display of colourful, catalytic, chemistry experiments. Beginning with the most simple of materials, ice, but not the regular kind – frozen nitrogen at approximately -90 degrees centigrade. Many members of the audience got to have hands on experience juggling small nuggets so it didn’t freeze their skin.

Moving along David showed us an oscillating reaction which was assisted by a chemical catalyst, the solution flashed between clear and brown as the chemicals and catalyst reacted. To end his Big Bang extravaganza David deconstructed a firework and so ending with his own ‘big, little bang’.

by Cameron Cochrane, 3T2. Photos by Zarah Gollan, 6S1.


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