The BBC micro:bit has arrived

The BBC micro:bit is a small pocket sized computer with a built in motion sensor, compass and Bluetooth. This week all pupils in S1 received a free micro:bit funded by the BBC to encourage them to get interested in computer coding. Pupils were shown how to get started with the micro:bit during their computing lesson but the idea is that they should now take them home and get creative in what they can get the device to do.
All pupils have been warned to guard their devices carefully as many parents are keen to get their hands on them! They are for the pupils to use but parents can get involved by visiting to find out more about the device and helping to encourage their children to make good use of it.

The aim of this project, which has been targeted specifically at all S1 pupils, is to encourage a new generation of computer programmers in order to fill a projected skills gap in the job market in the coming years. Who knows? The next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs may a Charleston pupil.

Mr Duncan Dyker, Principal Teacher of Computing

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