Farewell S6 Class of 2016

We said farewell to our soon to depart S6 today. As Study Leave begins on Tuesday 3 May, S6 students will only now be in school for their exams. Their official leaving date is on Friday 3 June. That day is the last SQA Exam and the date of our S6 Graduation Ceremony which takes place in the school that evening. S6 will also take part in an activity, usually paintball, that day too.

Until then, today marked a friendly, informal and emotional farewell for our S6. They have been an outstanding year group and today’s departure was good natured and enjoyed by all.

The day began with a Tea Party for Prefects and S6 and also included a staff v S6 football match at lunchtime. Yearbooks were distributed, shared and signed and a few fond farewells said too.

Good Luck meantime with your exams.

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