Badaguish Outdoor Challenge

Well done to all the young people from Charleston Academy who took part in the Badaguish Youth Outdoor Challenge this weekend.

This is a charity event raising money for the Speyside Trust, a respite centre with specialised facilities that allows disabled people to experience the Cairngorms in its full glory. Pupils raise their own sponsorship and cover costs to compete in the event.

Well done to the following 16 pupils taking part this year. They represented the school marvellously and between them have raised nearly £1000 so far – a significant contribution overall.

Kishorn – Chloe Fraser (5K1), Paddy McEwen (6K1), Aaron Murphy (4K1), Marc Williamson (4K2)

Laggan – Euan MacDonald (4L1), Paige Maclellan (4L2), Sirena Rattray (5L1) Andrew Johnstone (6L1)

Shiel – Jenna Bisset (6S1), Anna Kinghorn (6S1), Danielle Liebnitz (6S1), Rowan White (5S2), Wiktoria Pniewska (4S1), Michael Wilde (6S1)

Torridon – Heather Sutherland (4T1), Sasha Brandon (4T1)

Mr Steven Tillman, Chemistry Department


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