Scottish Climbing Finals Success

Following the success in the heats for the Scottish Schools Climbing Competition in December, Nine climbers travelled to Glasgow Climbing Centre to compete and spectate in the finals on Saturday 12th March 2016.

Seven pupils had qualified from the 1st round held in mid-December and were invited to take part in the finals.  Around 60 pupils from schools all over Scotland attended the finals, competing in 12 categories.

For the finals, pupils climb two routes to get a Top 3 Spot and get a place in the Grand Final.  The Grand Final route is done under isolation where climbers are not allowed to watch each other climb, making the challenge and tension much higher.

Jasper Kinghorn (1S) was competing in the S1/2 bottom rope boys category and climbed his first two routes exceptionally well scoring 198 out of a possible 200 points.  This put him in 1st place going into the Grand Final.  Unfortunately due to an error on the final route, Jasper placed 3rd overall.  We look forward to good things from Jasper in the future.

Rory Barker (3T2) and Tom Kinghorn (4S1) were competing in the same category this year.  With only 1 point separating them from the heats, we were hopeful of two trophies from this group.  After the first two routes there were only 14 points separating 1st place and 4th place.  Tom got a place in the Grand Final while Rory just missed out on a place.  Tom had topped out his first two climbs and was favourite to win.  He didn’t disappoint, with a score of 84 in the Grand Final it looked likely he place 1st. One other competitor matched his score which meant there would be a super final.  Tensions rose as the competitors came out one at a time to attempt the final route.  Tom managed to make 1 more move than his competitor in this super final giving him first place overall.

Jenna Bisset (6S1), Rebekah Morris (6L1) and Beth Fraser (5T1) had all gained a place in the S5/6 girls bottom rope final.  Jenna and Bekah were tied on points from the heats and having come joint in previous finals we expected this to be the contest of most interest for the Charleston Climbers.  Both girls topped out their first route, however Jenna manged to make a few more moves on the second route giving her 4 more points and putting her in first place going into the grand final. Beth climbed well in the first route putting her in 3rd place but struggled on the second route.  Her competitor found something extra in the second route and gained a place in the grand final.  Beth climbed well and we are hopeful of a good results for Beth next year.  In the grand final Bekah pulled off one more move to gain first place and Jenna got an honourable 2nd place.

Ronan Hennessy (5S1) has competed in this event before and having won his category last year he was attempting to regain his title.  This category was one of the most closely contested with all competitors topping out on the first route and only 2 point separating 4 of the climbers after the second route.  Despite some impressive climbing, Ronan didn’t make it to the grand final but hopefully will return next year to compete again.

Results summary

1st place for Bekah Morris and 2nd place for Jenna Bisset in the S5/6 girls bottom rope category.
1st place for Tom Kinghorn in the S3/4 boys bottom rope category
3rd place for Jasper Kinghorn in the S1/2 boys bottom rope category.

All climbers performed exceptionally well in the toughest Schools Competition to date and they should all be proud of their achievements.

A full write up of this CimbScotland event can be found here

A huge thank you to Glasgow Climbing Centre and ClimbScotland for running and hosting the event.

Mr Jonathan Richards, Principal Teacher of Technical Education

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