A Trip Back in Time

We left Charleston Academy at 8.06AM, as one pupil was late and we stalled on the first corner. We were headed for the World Heritage Site of New Lanark. We arrived at the village, having found that the road meant to save us 11 minutes cost us 30.

We went into the mill where we saw the machinery working. It was unimaginably noisy – even behind sound proof glass. We learned that the children would crawl under the machines to pick up the scraps at a huge risk to them. We went on a virtual tour which told us about the owner Robert Owen and the improvement he made to the mill and the people who worked there. There was also mention of their Mr Buchanan, who played the flute and taught the primary school pupils.

We then visited the school house where we watched a film about Robert Owen and his achievements. His rules on hygiene were very effective as when the cholera epidemic came only 30 people out of 2500 contracted the disease and only 10 died.

Robert Owen also created the first Co-op, as his workers got tokens to spend in the village store, the profits of which helped to pay for the school and a doctor for the village.

We spent the night in Cumbernauld, there were several highlights, one of which was the fire alarm going off in the middle of the night. This resulted in us having to leave our rooms and stand in the freezing cold. We learned to ensure that we were fully clothed before leaving our rooms.

On the second day we went to the Falkirk Wheel, it was ‘wheely good’ and links the Union Canal to the Forth and Clyde Canal. We were amazed to hear that they had 700,000 visitors last year. We then saw the Kelpies, which were huge and quite beautiful.

In the National Coal Mining museum we were given a tour by a man who had worked there. We were able to see some of the improvements made to mines and how they checked to see if there was gas in the mine. We saw the pit canaries which would have been used to test for gas as they had small lungs and would be quicker to react to gas than humans. One pupil was then able to power the engine for the mine.

We had a really good trip which made the topic easier to understand once we saw it working.

by 5E2 History Class

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