Sirocco Trio

On Friday 29th January, Mrs Aalders, Beth Crookes, Grace Cranage and I went to a lunch time concert performed by the Sirocco Trio. The Sirocco Trio is a band formed by three people; one played the flute, one played the bassoon, and another played the clarinet.

They played a mixture of classical and modern music. Some of the pieces were written by famous artists such as ‘La ci darem la mano’ by Beethoven and a selection of tunes by Mozart. There was also pieces written by Charles Koechlin, Witold Lutostawski and a couple of others. I liked the final piece which was written by Robert Muczynski, and was called ‘Fragments for Wind Trio’. It had many different sections to it, with many different styles of music. They had names like ‘Solitude’, and they finished with ‘Exit’.

I enjoyed watching the lady that played the clarinet, because she played in a fast and cheerful way. She inspired me and made me want to pick up my clarinet and play too.

I really enjoyed the concert and would recommend it to others.

Bethany Morris  (1L1)



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