Peru 2017 Launch

After returning from the Christmas break, 12 pupils from Charleston Academy took part in the Peru 2017 launch night. The evening started with introductions from the Outlook Expeditions trip organiser. Time was spent letting the members of the expedition group get to know each other better through team building activities.

The group also discussed their own personal aims and reasons for signing up to the trip.

  • To have a good experience and have fun
  • To explore the country and culture
  • To visit Machu Picchu
  • To have an adventure
  • To try Peruvian food and buy Peruvian hats
  • To help people

The main focus of the evening was choosing the activities and projects the expedition team would like to take part in while traveling in Peru. Some of the activities like visiting Machu Picchu were easy and quick to agree on, whereas deciding which trek to travel proved extremely difficult based on the variety of options available. In the end the team decided to vote and a week camping and exploring the Rainforest won!

The 21 day trip poses physical, mental and psychological challenges from working at height (3400m), traveling in very changeable weather (desert/humid/monsoon) to sleeping in the Rainforest with wild animals (8 legged-monsters). While in Peru, the group will experience the culture of Lima, help improve the facilities of an orphanage in Cusco and share experiences with the children living there, climb to the top of Machu Picchu, soak in a natural hot spring before spending a week camping in the Amazon Rainforest and as part of their R&R do some Sandboarding after a morning of dune-buggying in the Huacachina desert and visiting the oasis.

  • The trip is heavily subsided by sponsorship and fundraising, if you would like to get involved or have any fundraising suggestions please feel free to contact the school and ask for Mr Scott Nairn or Mr Stuart Buchanan.
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