Scottish Parliament Visit

Earlier this term, Modern Studies students were fortunate to be able to visit the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. On arrival at the Scottish Parliament pupils were met with a protest group for CALMAC who were lobbying MSPs in relation to the debate which was taking place in the debating Chamber later in the afternoon.

Pupils then met with Jean Urquhart MSP and put some impressive questions to her on a variety of issues such as media intrusion, nuclear disarmament, gender equality in the armed forces and the work of the Parliament to be more open to those with disabilities. The pupils also took part in a workshop to help with their understanding of how a Bill is passed in the Scottish Parliament. To further their understanding of the work of the Scottish Parliament pupils had the opportunity to observe a lively debate in the debating chamber.

Outside of the Scottish Parliament our group happened to pass Kezia Dugdale MSP (leader of the Scottish Labour Party) who took the opportunity to speak with staff and pupils about their visit before we had to depart.

Mrs Lyndie Cameron, Principal Teacher of Geography and Modern Studies

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