December House Points Update

Pupils can be awarded individual Commendation and Achievement Merits at regular intervals by each of their teachers. We also award ad-hoc merits for various reasons, including participation in extra-curricular events. Our policy on Commendations and Achievements can be read HERE.

Individual Merits are also converted into House Points. Ahead of our Christmas Quiz finale for this term the placings in our House Competition have changed slightly. Torridon are still in the lead, but Shiel drop from second place to third, being overtaken by Kishorn. Laggan still “lag” in fourth place. But there is very little between second and fourth placings.

All to play for in our inter-house Christmas Quiz on Tuesday 22nd December, with 1000 House Points for the winning team.

Our Junior Quiz is during Unit 1 & 2. The Senior Quiz is Unit 3 & 4. Good Luck to all the pupil teams representing each of their House Groups.

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