Christmas House Quiz

The last day of term is when our House Christmas Quiz takes place. With rounds including General Knowledge, Doodle Christmas, Christmas Cake Decorating, Guess the Teacher and Wii Dance no one takes it too seriously and it’s a great fun way to bring the school together and have a laugh. This year our canteen staff, the “Dinner Dollies” challenged our Junior Teams too. Well done everyone for taking part.

Torridon were clear winners in the Junior Quiz. The Senior Quiz resulted in a tie and a Wii Dance-Off took place between Laggan and Torridon, along with a singing round led by Mrs Hunter. Well done to the S6 boys singing “Frozen”.

Congratulations to Laggan who won the Senior Quiz, meaning the 1000 House Points available were split 500 each to Torridon and Laggan.

Special Thanks to all the staff who make the last day fun and enjoyable by organising the quiz, especially Mrs MacRae (Biology), Miss Massey (Geography), Mr Murray (Technician) and all the janitors and staff helping to set it all up. Special thanks this year to the canteen ladies for being brave and joining in.

Extra Special Thanks to Harry Ashton, Depute Head Boy, who was quizmaster for both quizzes.


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