USA Trip 2015

In July 2015, 46 pupils and 5 staff went on a trip to America for 8 days. Our journey began by travelling to Edinburgh on a bus and then we flew from there via Heathrow to Newark airport in New Jersey.

After a humorous bus ride with our tour guide, Ted, we arrived at our hotel in Manhattan. On the first night we visited Times Square and then went up the huge 86 storeys of the Empire State Building; I think we all underestimated how high it really was!

For the rest of our stay in New York we did every sight-seeing thing imaginable. From the Statue of Liberty to Central Park to the 9/11 Tribute Centre, we were on the go all of the time. One day we even walked over 13 kilometres when we were on a walking tour.

Following a very emotional goodbye to New York City, we continued our adventure to Washington D.C. During our bus journey, we ventured via Philadelphia where we visited the famous Rocky Steps.

On our first night in Washington we went for a walk to the Washington monument to gather our bearings. The next day was the 4th July and was our busiest day in the city. We started by watching an Independence Day parade and finished with watching Nicole Sherzinger sing the national anthem at the Capitol Building. We also visited the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History.

Likewise with New York, we also went on a walking tour in Washington. We were informed about famous buildings that were related to American pPresidency including the White House and Lincoln Memorial. A small group of pupils also visited Arlington Cemetery.

There was also the chance to go to a baseball game – Washington Nationals vs San Francisco Giants. The atmosphere at the game was unreal and we all felt like typical Americans.

On our final day we stopped off at the Pentagon Centre where we spent any dollars that we had left; some of us literally shopped till we dropped! Thankfully, we had a bus journey to Baltimore airport which allowed us to relax.

The USA trip enabled me to experience places I have always dreamed of seeing and I would highly recommend this trip to everyone.

Claire MacDonald, 6S1

Claire MacDonald, 6S1
Claire MacDonald, 6S1


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