Listening Time 4U

Times of concern, anxiety, fear and sadness are a normal part of life yet often make us feel physically and/or mentally unwell.

At Charleston Academy we recognise how important good listening can be for the health and wellbeing of our pupils. We are committed to working closely with Listen Well Scotland as part of our ongoing support and care for our pupils.

Listening Time 4U offers a safe space where pupils have the opportunity and time to explore their concerns or worries in confidence with an S6 Listener who has been trained to listen well and safely.

Listening Time4U is NOT counselling.

Perhaps a pupil might be:

  •  Being bullied
  •  Having difficulty making friends
  •  Experiencing family problems
  •  Feeling down, sad or fearful
  •  Dealing with the death of someone close
  •  Feeling stressed with homework or exams
  •  Feeling uncertain about choices for the future

Having someone who is outwith the situation and able to listen well to them without judgement can often help them to feel better and not alone.

What pupils can expect at Listening Time4U?

At Listening Time4U pupils will not be given any advice but hopefully being able to talk with an S6 Listener will help them better understand their feelings, find their own solutions and make their own decisions about what they want to do.

What pupils say to the Listener is totally confidential unless they are concerned for their safety or the safety of someone else. The Listener has very clear instructions what to do in such a situation.

How Will it Work?

Listening Time4U will be run as a Pilot Study for 6 months from Autumn ‘15 to early Summer ‘16 but the hope is it will be an ongoing programme.

S6 Listeners will be available at specified times during the day to listen to S1/2 pupils for low level issues only.

Guidance Staff or any teacher might suggest to a pupil that it might be helpful to speak with a Listener,

Our Guidance Staff have oversight over Listening Time4U and Listen Well Scotland will provide regular support for the Listeners.

The Listeners will keep a log of pupils who use Listening Time4U mentioning only in very broad terms what the pupil talks about e.g. bullying. The log will highlight any issues that the Guidance staff need to address.

Please see the information leaflet below for more details.

Mrs Susan Ritson, Principal Teacher Guidance

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