Design & Manufacture Ikea Visit

On Tuesday 22nd September students studying Design and students had the opportunity to visit Ikea in Edinburgh to gain an insight in to commercial mass manufacture and design with a leading competitor in the world of furniture.

Pupils studying National 4/5 and Higher Design and Manufacture were given the chance to take part in this visit.  On arrival at Ikea pupils were shown a presentation about Ikea’s three main principles:

  • A more sustainable life at home
  • Recourse and energy independence
  • A better life for people and communities

This allowed pupils to look at design in a new way, how products can be redesigned to make them more economic in terms of both money and space but still look appealing and attractive. Ikea tries to utilise material in the most effective and sustainable way to ensure little waste is created, through the use of new manufacturing techniques i.e. board on frame.  They were also challenged to look at different materials choices for products i.e. bamboo, coconut shell and sea grass to find more sustainable materials that help both the environment but also they community in which they are manufactured.

I would like to thank Sophie Rogers from Ikea Edinburgh for assisting in the organisation of this event as part of their sustainability and the community project.

Pupils on trip:  Kyle Mackinnon 4L1, Aidan Macintosh 4K2, Callum Mead 4K2, Serena Soffe 4K1, Mark Williamson 4K2, Naomi Cameron 5K2, Lewis Hilditch 5K2, Alice Lee 5S1, Scott Manson 5L2, Rhys Smith 5L2, Lucy Duff 6L1, Ben Maclellan 6L1, Liam Macrae 6K1, Ross Oag 6K1 5.

Miss Lindsay Ross, Technical Education Department

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