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Project Trust is an organisation specialising in providing voluntary placements for school-leavers overseas. Students must undergo a week long selection process allowing Project Trust to make well-informed decisions on whether there is a suitable project for each candidate.

Only 300 school leavers are selected each year from across the entire United Kingdom for long-term placements lasting up to 12 months. The projects must deliver a benefit to the host communities and they must also be sustainable and ethical.

This year (2015-16), three former Charleston Academy students are supporting communities abroad through Project Trust. Catriona Forsyth, Polly Grey, and Robbie MacLennan departed in August for 12 month project placements.

Previously Natalie Kent taught in Nepal (2014-15) and her older sister Michaela Kent taught in Honduras (2013-14).

Next year, five of our current S6 students wish to volunteer to work in projects abroad. Aidan Kent, Eilidh Sandilands, Emma Riddle, Freja Lundberg and Kayleigh Smith all hope to raise over £6000 each to fund their project. Charleston Academy will be able to support our students a little with some fund-raising initiatives in school. The bulk of the fundraising is down to the individual concerned. Each of our five current students has written about their planned project below:

Aidan Kent
Aidan Kent (6S1)My project in South Africa will focus mainly on working with boys aged 8-18 from troubled backgrounds such as being part of gangs, living on the streets and not having someone to look after them each day. My work in Boys town involves ensuring the boys attend school and receive an education daily. I will be there to support the boys with homework, be there to help with problems and be there purely as a role model. In the evenings I will be providing an alternate for the boys being on the streets and forming gangs. I will be setting up sports teams, clubs and activities to keep the boys from growing bad habits. This project really appeals to me as I am very active and have a passion for sports. Already having coaching skills will be a real asset to my project and one which I look forward to developing. It will also be largely beneficial since I intend of studying Sports Science at university on my return from my year out.
Freja Lundberg
Freja Lundberg (6T1)I have been selected to go to South Africa for a year starting in August 2016. I will be working in a residential school and care home for physically disabled children. My role will be to assist with their daily routines, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.  I have had a fair bit of experience of the both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, as I have a rare neurological condition which causes me to lose feeling and function in my limbs in a random manner.  I hope to use my own experiences in a positive way in South Africa. This is an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in a completely new culture, tackle a new role and do something positive. The next step is to raise £6,000 for Project Trust which will go towards all the costs involved.
Emma Riddle
N017-7A12094434After attending a selection course in August on the Isle of Coll I was selected to go to India with Project Trust in 2016/2017 to teach English to primary or secondary age children. I’m hoping to gain a wider outlook on the world and really open my mind to a different culture as well as hopefully give a community a useful skill of a second language. In my free time I do drama on the weekends, play on the school hockey team and I like to paint. With these skills I’m hoping to organise extra-curricular activities at the school I’ll be teaching at to give the children an opportunity to try these activities which they would usually never have the opportunity to try in the UK. However to be able to go on my year to India I do have to face the massive challenge of fundraising £6,200. To do this I hope to have various fundraisers, car boot sales and sponsored events throughout the year.
Eilidh Sandilands
Eilidh Sandilands (6L1)I have been accepted to work as a volunteer teacher in Honduras for 1 year with Project Trust. I will be working in a primary school teaching English and a variety of other subjects. I made the decision to apply for Project Trust as I am very enthusiastic about working with children and giving them the opportunity to learn and develop a variety of skills. During my year in Honduras, I would like to do a bit of travelling as well as starting up extra-curricular activities for the children. As part of the challenge I have to raise £6200. This money will cover accommodation, food and insurance overseas. My aim is to raise this money before I depart in August 2016.
Niamh Martin
Niamh MartinAfter a challenging selection course of the Isle of Coll, I have been selected to go overseas with Project Trust for a year’s placement. My country is yet to be confirmed, but I will be Primary School teaching in either Honduras or Ghana. I will be a sole class teacher and will be a support to a variety of students in my community. When I am overseas, I also plan to set up a variety of extra-curricular activities in arts or games, due to my creative background from school and hobbies. The next challenge is to raise £5950, which is a massive challenge due to my later selection. I will be going to various craft fairs, car boot sales and having a sponsored event, alongside a ceilidh to try raise this.
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