Advanced Higher Technical Visit Town House Renovations


On Monday 7th September some senior students had the opportunity to visit the renovation works being carried out on the Town House and 1-5 Church Street.  Both these projects are being managed and supported by Highland Council’s Common Good Fund.

Students studying Advanced Higher Engineering Science or Graphic Communication took part in the visit.  These projects both relate very closely to the work carried out in both courses and offered the students an insight into two real but different projects that are currently happening in the construction industry.

Students at Charleston Academy were invited to this important renovation project by former Provost and Local Councillor Alex Graham. I would like to thank Jason Kelman (Principal Project Manager) at Highland Council for assisting in the organisation of this event and arranging for so many of the teams and local councillors to be involved in the visit and for providing lunch for everyone while we were there.


Pupils on trip: Niamh Martin 6T1, Euan Crawford 6S1, Paddy McEwan 6K1, Liam MacRae 6K1, Corin Robinson 6S1, Alison Horne 6T

Mr Jonathan Richards, Technical Department

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