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Parents of our new S1 pupils were treated to a mini fashion show at the Primary 7 Parent Information Evening. This was to highlight our various dress code items. One of our dress code suppliers has also fitted all Prefects for a blazer.

Order forms for these items are below. We do not endorse any single supplier. Highland SchoolwearKlasKlothing, Gilmour Sports, and the Calman Trust all supply our dress code items.

All pupils must be in dress code and this includes an item with a visible school logo. Iron-On badges with our logo are available free on request if suitable dress code items have been purchased elsewhere. Ties for pupils in S4 to S6 are provided free of charge too. Anyone else (S1-S3) may request one also.

Please see our Dress Code Policy for full details. It is important that everyone reviews their Dress Code ahead of the start of the new session in August.

Please Note: Highland Council provide assistance for eligible families to purchase suitable dress code items. The application form is the same as the one used to apply for Free School meals. Please DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE.
Highland Schoolwear Order Form 10% Discount
Blazer Order Form
Blazer Order Form












Gilmour Sports / SchoolwearMadeEasy


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