AH Gray’s School of Art Visit

On Tuesday the 23 of June, the Advanced Higher Art pupils took a trip to the Gray’s School of Art exhibition in Aberdeen to get a feel for the different art styles and ideas used.  It turned out to be a great experience for all of us and the trip was definitely worth the drive.

Seeing all of the different displays was really interesting as so many of the art projects each had their own unique twists and the artists & designers each had their own individual takes on each of their themes.  A lot of the designs and paintings displayed, at first seemed really odd and random, however once you began to look past the first impression of the art they became really inspiring to see the true meaning hiding in each of them.

By looking at the amount of work done by each graduate it became easy to see how one simple idea could grow and expand to create so many other individual designs which, in the end, could end up creating their final pieces.

It gave all of us a feeling for how the University felt and made Gray’s a potential option for when we leave school.

by Lauren Pasieka (6T1)


Yesterday’s visit to Gray’s School of Art was an invaluable and highly inspirational experience for the pupils who attended and myself included.

Pupils’ had the opportunity to walk through and experience first hand the variety of expressive and design disciplines offered at this years degree show.

We are very fortunate that during previous years Charleston Academy Art & Design department have built strong relationships with Gray’s School of Art, which due to the dedication and motivation of previous pupils has seen a great deal of success in obtaining places on a number of undergraduate courses there.

Finally, a special thanks to Mr Stuart Buchanan who took valuable time out of his daily teaching commitment to drive us to Aberdeen.

Mr Derek Sim, Acting Principal Teacher of Art

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