Gymnastics Success at Gymfest Perth

Our Gymnastics Team were in Perth this Saturday – their first Gymfest. The team left Inverness at 8:30am on Saturday and made their way to Perth by bus.  The excitement was tangible as the team entered the sports arena!  The display team was made up of experienced gymnasts, Coral Allan (5T1) and Kayleigh Smith (5T1) who also took responsibility for leading sessions when appropriate, right through to members who had never done anything remotely like this until now. The squad worked well together – watching and listening to cues.  Their routine was slick and obviously well-rehearsed.

Coach Louise Humphries choreographed the routine and was delighted with the result.  She said:

I had a ‘gymtastic’ day in Perth for Scottish gymnastics school’s gymfest! All the Highland teams were fantastic! So lovely to see so many routines put together by senior gymnasts from IGC! I was delighted with Charleston Academy on their first time entering the event – big smiles and brilliant performance!

Feeling proud. The gymnastics club continues to grow from strength to strength.  We look forward to welcoming new members on a Monday after school.

Mrs Aileen Thomson, PE Department

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