Connecting Classrooms International Exchange

Day 1 of our International Connecting Classrooms Exchange got underway today as we welcomed 10 students and four staff to Charleston Academy. Our guests were welcomed at a special S3 and S4 assembly with 300 pupils and staff. Our friends from Botswana were piped into assembly by Euan Morrison, followed by a rendition of Highland Cathedral. Our staff ceilidh band performed a ‘Gay-Gordons’ and ‘Dashing White Sergeant’ with Charleston pupils and staff dancing with staff and pupils from Botswana. What a great way to start a Monday morning!

Speeches by Rector Chris O’Neill and Lotsane Head Mr Dinaeo reflected on shared values of aspiration, community, and ambition. Head Girl Freya Boa then reflected on the theme of love and spoke about the friendships and bond between the two schools.

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