American Football: Highland Academy Community League

The Highland Academy Community League for American Football began on Saturday. Matches take place at the Bught. Teams include Charleston Academy Knights, Inverness Royal Academy Sharks, Culloden Academy Raptors, Millburn Academy Eagles, Inverness High School Predators, and the Black Isle Stags. Check their Facebook Page for more pictures and details.

Game 1: Charleston Academy Knights v Inverness Royal Academy Sharks

The 2015 season began with a resounding victory by the Knights over the Sharks, especially impressive given the large turnover in the squad from last year. The tone was set early on by debutante running back Craig Robertson running in for a touchdown on his very first play. Robertson followed up with a second touchdown before half-time. The score was added to by two receiving touchdowns by centre Fergus McIntyre ( and a 2-point conversion), and two receiving touchdowns by receiver Sam Blackhall. All four touchdowns were thrown by quarterback and team captain Euan Crawford. The scoring was completed by a late touchdown reception for Lewis Hilditch from back-up quarterback Calvin Campbell. The award for game Most Valuable Player went to Fergus McIntrye.

Final Score 46-6

Game 2 : Charleston Academy v Black Isle Stags

The second game was a very different affair against a very powerful and physical Black Isle side. The early stages were very even, with the Knights cancelling out an early Stags touchdown by a touchdown of their own by Sam Blackhall from quarterback Euan Crawford. After that the Stags dominated, and ran out 24-6 winners, despite a late showing from the Knights falling just short of a consolation touchdown. A very tough, physical battle, which earned a well deserved Most Valuable Player award for captain and quarterback Euan Crawford – leading by example as always.

Week 2 fixtures – Charleston v Inverness High School Predators (12pm), followed by a rematch v the Sharks.


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Mr Donald MacLeod, Biology Department and American Football Coach

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